Banning blocks and items with ease


Ban Entry Structure

Every ban entry has a structure consisting of Criterias, Actions and Triggers

Ban Entry Structure


A ban entry may have multiple criterias that will be matched against when checking a block or item. Every criteria has to match for a ban entry to fit.

Name Parameters Description
ID String itemID

Match the item id (e.g. minecraft:stone).

Blocks without a corresponding item can't be matched

Meta int meta Match the item meta or damage. 
Dimension String dimName

the world name where the entry should apply.

The id is also allowed

Nbt String nbtJson

Matches the item's NBT tag. For blocks it matches to the tile entity's NBT.

For blocks without tile entity this criteria will be ignored.

Player String name

The playername of the player for which the the entry should be valid

Mod String modid

The modID the item will be matched against. The modID is the first part of the item's resource location (e.g. minecraft for minecraft:stone)

Not Criteria crit

Negates a given criteria (e.g. Not(Dimension(0)) will be any dimension exept 0)

And Criteria c1, Criteria c2

Combines two criterias with a logical AND. This is not very useful in the ban entry itself because the criterias in the ban entry are already linked to each other with AND

Or Criteria c1, Criteria c2

Combines two criterias with a logical OR


Ban Entry Structure


A ban entry may have multiple actions that will be executed when an item or block matches its criterias.

Name Parameters Description
Remove -

Removes the item or block from the world.

By default the player can keep the block or item that is banned (this is useful when an item is only banned in some dimensions).

Message String message Prints a message to the player.
Log - Logs the incident to the console
Kick String kickMessage Kicks the player from the server with the given message
Ban String kickMessage, String banMessage Bans a player from the server
ServerCommand String command Executes a command in a console point of view
PlayerCommand String command Executes a command in a player point of view

The command of ServerCommand and PlayerCommand has some patterns for the execution environment:

%p The player name

The player's UUID with hypens

%id The item id
%meta The item meta / damage
%size The item stack size
%dim The dimension id of the incident
Ban Entry Structure


There are different incidents where RestrictIO checks whether the item or block is banned. You can specify for every Ban entry in which case it should be checked.

Name Description Checked Items Performance Cost
BlockBreak When a block gets broken The block being broken low
BlockPlace When a block gets placed The block being placed low
InvScan Periodic (all 30s) scan of all player inventories All stacks in the player's inventory low
ItemDrop When a player drops an item or when he dies The item(s) being dropped low
ItemPickup When a player tries to pickup an item The items will be picked up high
ItemInteract When a player interacts (item rightclick, block left or rightclick) The (optional) block the player interacts with and/or (optional) the item in hand very high
ReciepeRegistration When the reciepes get registered. The reciepe will be disabled globally! All standard shape(less) crafting outputs on startup

For performance reasons you should use as few triggers as possible for your needs.

Don't use BlockBreak/BlockPlace in conjunction with ItemInteract!
ItemInteract covers the them.


Manage Bans

After you got to read what a ban consists of we have to talk about adding and removing bans.

Manage Bans

Ingame GUI

RestrictIO has an ingame GUI that can be opened with /rio gui.

Manage Bans

RestrictIO command

You can manage the bans over the console with the /rio commands.

Unfortunately you can't edit a ban over console - you have to remove the old and recreate it.
Alternatively you can edit a ban with the ingame GUI or by editing the file.

Adding a ban

/rio ban <criterias> <actions> <triggers>

If you want to use spaces in strings like in the Message action, use underscores instead of spaces!
If you explicitly want to use underscores, escape them with a backslashes.


rio ban ID(minecraft:wool),meta(12) remove(),Message(This_is_banned!!!) all 
     removes brown wool and gives a message at all incidents.

rio ban mod(minecraft) none blockbreak,blockplace
     blocks any block break or place without any other action

Removing a ban

rio unban <index> removes a ban entry of the ban list at the specified index. You can obtain the index with /rio list. Note that if you want to delete several entries, the index may be moved.

Manage Bans

File editing

RestrictIO uses the JSON format for storing the ban entries. The file is located at ./config/RestrictIO/restrictedItems.json.

It is only useful to edit current values as it is fairly simple (i.e. if you don't have enough space for your text in the GUI or console). Adding new criterias/actions/etc. needs you to know the field names (the JSON is a serialization of the data structure in the core). For that you have to look into the source code.

If you have edited your file you can reload it with rio reload.

Commands / Admin OptOut


/restrictio <subcommand>

This is the main command of RestrictIO. It can also be accessed by /rio.

Subcommand Additional Parameters Description
gui - Opens a GUI if the console is too ugly for you
reload - Reloads the config, overrides current config if it succeeds to load the new config
list - Lists all current ban entries
ignore optional playername executes /ignoreitembans
show entry index Shows a single ban entry
ban criterias, actions, triggers Creates and adds a new ban entry (see managing bans). Saves the config afterwards
unban entry index Removes a ban entry. Saves the config afterwards

As an admin you might want to ignore the restrictions given for the users. In the individual entries you can of course exclude yourself with a player criteria, but this might be easier with /ignoreitembans or /rio ignore. This command toggles a optOut for you or the player you specified in the arguments. You can also toggle this in the mod's GUI.