A ban entry may have multiple criterias that will be matched against when checking a block or item. Every criteria has to match for a ban entry to fit.

Name Parameters Description
ID String itemID

Match the item id (e.g. minecraft:stone).

Blocks without a corresponding item can't be matched

Meta int meta Match the item meta or damage. 
Dimension String dimName

the world name where the entry should apply.

The id is also allowed

Nbt String nbtJson

Matches the item's NBT tag. For blocks it matches to the tile entity's NBT.

For blocks without tile entity this criteria will be ignored.

Player String name

The playername of the player for which the the entry should be valid

Mod String modid

The modID the item will be matched against. The modID is the first part of the item's resource location (e.g. minecraft for minecraft:stone)

Not Criteria crit

Negates a given criteria (e.g. Not(Dimension(0)) will be any dimension exept 0)

And Criteria c1, Criteria c2

Combines two criterias with a logical AND. This is not very useful in the ban entry itself because the criterias in the ban entry are already linked to each other with AND

Or Criteria c1, Criteria c2

Combines two criterias with a logical OR


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