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Player Teleportation

In version 1.10 BaseIO contains multiple teleport implementations. If you encounter issues regarding teleportations, try switching the implementation in BaseIO's config file

PlayerUtils.teleportPlayerUnsafe(EntityPlayerMP player, Position position) teleports a player to the specified position forcibly. If you want to be sure the player doesn't teleport into blocks, use PlayerUtils.teleportPlayer(EntityPlayerMP player, Position position, boolean noisy). When the destination is an unsafe block this method won't teleport the player, returning false and (with noisy = true) printing a message to the player specifying the problem. For convenience teleportPlayer is overloaded with a ICommandSender instead of EntityPlayerMP (other senders than EntityPlayerMP will be discarded).

Identifier conversion

You might want to search a player by it's name quite often. For such cases (and many more "conversions") PlayerUtils provides a full set of conversion methods:

↓ From | To → UUID Name GameProfile EntityPlayer ICommandSender
UUID   PlayerUtils:getName PlayerUtils:getGameProfile PlayerUtils:getPlayer PlayerUtils:getPlayer
Name PlayerUtils:getUUID   PlayerUtils:getGameProfile PlayerUtils:getPlayer PlayerUtils:getPlayer
GameProfile GameProfile:getId GameProfile:getName   PlayerUtils:getPlayer PlayerUtils:getPlayer
EntityPlayer EntityPlayer:getUniqueId ICommandSender:getName EntityPlayer:getProfile   typecast
ICommandSender PlayerUtils:getUUID ICommandSender:getName (only via typecast) typecast  

If no player is found null will be returned.

In 1.7, ICommandSender:getName was named ICommandSender:getCommandSenderName

PlayerUtils is capable to convert any ICommandSender to an UUID, including console and command blocks. This UUID might not be a valid UUID of Minecraft but it can be used to identify it and additionally PlayerUtils:getName supports these UUIDs. Every Command Sender of one class has the same UUID.


All conversion methods have a range parameter that determines how broad the search should be.

Range Inclusion Full search area
ONLINE Includes online players online players
FAKE Includes fake players online (fake)players
SERVER Includes offline players online/offline (fake)players
ALL Includes players that have never been on the server all minecraft players