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A ban entry may have multiple actions that will be executed when an item or block matches its criterias.

Name Parameters Description
Remove -

Removes the item or block from the world.

By default the player can keep the block or item that is banned (this is useful when an item is only banned in some dimensions).

Message String message Prints a message to the player.
Log - Logs the incident to the console
Kick String kickMessage Kicks the player from the server with the given message
Ban String kickMessage, String banMessage Bans a player from the server
ServerCommand String command Executes a command in a console point of view
PlayerCommand String command Executes a command in a player point of view

The command of ServerCommand and PlayerCommand has some patterns for the execution environment:

%p The player name

The player's UUID with hypens

%id The item id
%meta The item meta / damage
%size The item stack size
%dim The dimension id of the incident