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RestrictIO command

You can manage the bans over the console with the /rio commands.

Unfortunately you can't edit a ban over console - you have to remove the old and recreate it.
Alternatively you can edit a ban with the ingame GUI or by editing the file.

Adding a ban

/rio ban <criterias> <actions> <triggers>

  • Criterias:
    none or a comma-separated list of criterias (see criteria list)
  • Actions:
    none or a comma-separated list of actions (see action list)
  • Triggers:
    none or all or a comma-separated list of triggers (see trigger list)

If you want to use spaces in strings like in the Message action, use underscores instead of spaces!
If you explicitly want to use underscores, escape them with a backslashes.


rio ban ID(minecraft:wool),meta(12) remove(),Message(This_is_banned!!!) all 
     removes brown wool and gives a message at all incidents.

rio ban mod(minecraft) none blockbreak,blockplace
     blocks any block break or place without any other action

Removing a ban

rio unban <index> removes a ban entry of the ban list at the specified index. You can obtain the index with /rio list. Note that if you want to delete several entries, the index may be moved.