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There are different incidents where RestrictIO checks whether the item or block is banned. You can specify for every Ban entry in which case it should be checked.

Name Description Checked Items Performance Cost
BlockBreak When a block gets broken The block being broken low
BlockPlace When a block gets placed The block being placed low
InvScan Periodic (all 30s) scan of all player inventories All stacks in the player's inventory low
ItemDrop When a player drops an item or when he dies The item(s) being dropped low
ItemPickup When a player tries to pickup an item The items will be picked up high
ItemInteract When a player interacts (item rightclick, block left or rightclick) The (optional) block the player interacts with and/or (optional) the item in hand very high
ReciepeRegistration When the reciepes get registered. The reciepe will be disabled globally! All standard shape(less) crafting outputs on startup

For performance reasons you should use as few triggers as possible for your needs.

Don't use BlockBreak/BlockPlace in conjunction with ItemInteract!
ItemInteract covers the them.

  • Blocking a machine that is not placed
    • BlockPlace
    • ReciepeRegistration (when not allowed anywhere)
  • Blocking a machine that may have already been placed
    • ItemInteract
    • ReciepeRegistration (when not allowed anywhere).
  • Completely blocking an item or block that is already in inventories and in the world
    • ItemDrop
    • ItemPickup
    • ItemInteract
    • ReciepeRegistration
    • InvScan