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Commands / Admin OptOut


/restrictio <subcommand>

This is the main command of RestrictIO. It can also be accessed by /rio.

Subcommand Additional Parameters Description
gui - Opens a GUI if the console is too ugly for you
reload - Reloads the config, overrides current config if it succeeds to load the new config
list - Lists all current ban entries
ignore optional playername executes /ignoreitembans
show entry index Shows a single ban entry
ban criterias, actions, triggers Creates and adds a new ban entry (see managing bans). Saves the config afterwards
unban entry index Removes a ban entry. Saves the config afterwards

As an admin you might want to ignore the restrictions given for the users. In the individual entries you can of course exclude yourself with a player criteria, but this might be easier with /ignoreitembans or /rio ignore. This command toggles a optOut for you or the player you specified in the arguments. You can also toggle this in the mod's GUI.